Project Description

Dangote Refinery Detailed Engineering Design Project

Operator: Dangote Refinery and Petrochemicals Plc Project

As the Engineering Subcontractor to Schneider Electric, Industrial Automation and Control Contractor, HONEYLAND’s scope included Design and implementation of loop drawing using an Intergraph Enterprise software- SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools.


  1. Instrument index which include defining the tables/fields required to develop comprehensive index table.
  2. Instrument datasheet (Specification) – provide generic data for DCS data. Client to clarify if this will be part of the deliverables exchange table e.g. set points, HH, LL, conversion (metric to engineering units).
  • Wiring diagrams which includes the following;
  • Device/Instrument Panels.
  • Field Junction boxes.
  • Marshaling cabinets.
  • Motor Control Center (MCC) Panels
  • Relay panel
  • PLC/DCS/FGS/SSS Cabinet and also include Cabinet Management (I/O Assignment)
  1. Interconnection wiring between the Field devices through the field Junction boxes, marshaling cabinet, MCC cabinet down to the control cabinet.
  2. Instrument loop drawings.
  3. Report Generation.


  1. Installation, Configuration and Administer SQL Server database (i.e. 2005 or 2008) for the Project
  2. Domain Initialization
  • Creating Users, Group, Plant Hierarchy for the domain
  1. Instrument Tag Naming Conventions, Custom Tags for MCC Signals, Electrical equipment and Power Cables
  2. Custom Fields and Tables for domain
  3. Creating Access Right for the domain
  • Creating Template for the loop within the Intools Database
  • INtools weekly database backup


Project Details

Client Dangote Refinery
Location Lagos, Nigeria