Local Content development is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria with a view to developing local capacity in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry and enabling Nigerians participate actively in the sector. It can be seen as the utilization of the Nigerian human and material resources in the exploitation and exploration of the Nigerian hydrocarbon resources. HONEYLAND as a 100% Nigerian owned company is committed to achieving the Nigerian Content vision of the Nigerian Government to transform the oil and gas industry into the economic engine for job creation as well as for national growth by developing in-country capacity and indigenous capabilities.

HONEYLAND policy is to:

  • Institute the highest degree of Nigerian indigenous capability workable without compromising Client’s objectives.
  • Engage competent and qualified local sub-contractors to provide technical and non-technical services and support.
  • Employ and train young Nigerian engineers, technicians and management staff such that similar projects in the future might attain increasingly higher levels of Nigerian participation.
  • Exploit the potential for project revenues to remain in Nigeria