Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) is a major concern inHONEYLAND.HONEYLAND Management believes as a matter of fact that allincidents can be prevented. The whole organization is committed tochallenging goals for controlling risk and safeguarding against anyharmful effects from its business activities. While managementcommitment remains indispensable, we believe that an HSE culturewith strong employee engagement is necessary to make our zeroincident targets not only attainable but also sustainable.

We always endeavour to achieve an Incident Free workplace:

  • Zero Loss
  • Zero incident
  • No harm to people
  • No damage to property and environment
  • Ensuring that no activity takes precedence over Health, Safetyand Environment.
  • Creating and sustaining a safe and healthy environment for allpersonnel.
  • Educating every employee, subcontractor and Clientrepresentative on the personal responsibility for HSE.
  • Identifying and eliminating hazards before they become HSEissues.


We will achieve this by:

  • HSE program, goals and results arepublished and updated on regular basisin the company HSE report
  • Management holds the responsibility tocommunicate the requirements of thispolicy to all our employees, contractorsand visitors and to involve them in itsimplementation.
  • Each employee has a personalresponsibility to comply with thispolicy.
  • HSE is an important part of our totalquality management (TQM) system.
  • All health, safety and environmentalprograms are audited on a regularbasis to confirm and mprove ourperformance against the requirementsof this policy.